"How do I get rated?"

November 11th, 2017

We just continue evolving. I can't express how excited I am to hear about all of the positive things going on in Early Care and Education programs across North Dakota! More and more child care programs are embarking on the path of not only quality improvement but also, and quite possibly even more important, being recognized for the hard work and quality opportunities given to the children in their care.  Child Care programs have come a long way since the early days, and now providers can take advantage of a new body of research and resources.  Success is within reach of all, provided child care programs have the commitment and the passion to reexamine old ways, take on new challenges, plan carefully and be willing to learn and change as they go. 

Budget limitations are often one of the major stumbling blocks to providing quality care.  Bright & Early allows us to address the moral imperative of child care- to equalize the conditions of children and serve each one of them, regardless of socio-economic status or special needs.  Quality child care is today’s great equalizer because it includes 30,000 children ages birth-five, enables individual learning, and makes nurturing environments possible for all children, during the hours their parents are needed in the workforce.

The moral obligation to bridge the quality divide is the driving force behind the Bright & Early initiative.  We believe that given the right tools and support all child care providers can be successful and children will benefit, regardless of socio-economic status, first language spoken, or special needs.

Please join me as we make it even easier for you to begin the process in recognizing all of the good things you are doing for children. We have simplified the way you begin your quest. Now, all programs are able to submit their application to participate and prepare for ratings online. This is the method to begin each Step process as well as end each Step process. The application for Step 1 Quality Rating has not changed but what we did change is how you apply to prepare for Quality Rating and how you apply for actual Quality Rating for Steps 2 - 4. It may seem confusing to have a two step process for Quality Rating at Steps 2-4 but we need you to complete the "Participation Application" so we can help guide you to the tools you will need to be successful in the actual Quality Rating process. The Participation Application allows us to help you plan for Quality Rating and also prompts us to highlight your name on the Partner Map so it alerts your community that you are currently working towards the next Step in Quality Rating. 

The Participation Application will now be available anytime! We will still adhere to the same deadlines we have always had though. You can submit anytime but we will only review the applications four times per year (March 9th, June 9th, September 9th, and December 9th) so if you submit your application now through December 9th we will review it December 10th - 15th and pending all required information is included we would notify you of your acceptance after December 15th. If you submit your Participation Application December 10th it would be reviewed after the next deadline which would be March 9th.

We know this is more change but we hope it will actually streamline the process and as an added benefit, you save money in postage! 

If you have questions or suggestions please feel free to reach out to us! 



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