5 Questions: Stacy Flom {Infant Teacher at Center}

Meet Stacy.  She has a red-hot passion for her job. Her bag says everything you need to know about how much she cares for the children in her classroom!

1. Where do you work now? How long in the child care profession?

I’m a lead infant teacher with the YMCA of Cass-Clay in West Fargo. Been in child care for 8 years.

2. What do you wish every parent knew?

2 things.
1. Just how important their child is to us. They're our #1 priority.
2. Tummy time- children need to spend time playing on the floor! 

3. What are you the proudest of in your job?

Our environment. The vast majority of children in our room meet or exceed development milestones.  I think this is because we give them the freedom to move and play. We don’t have any swings, exersaucers, or bouncers. The environment is truly like a “3rd teacher” in our room.


4. What makes your blood boil?

When I meet someone socially and the conversation goes something like this:
      New person: "What do you do?"
      Me: "I’m an infant teacher."
      New person: "Oh, that sounds so nice. I wish I could rock babies all day."
This infuriates me. I wish that person would come and spend 1 hour here to see how hard we work. With 8 babies- we’re constantly moving. We are BUSY! We’re not just “rocking babies” and sipping on our coffee. By the time I get to drink my coffee, it’s cold! I work with kids and get a pay check for that work- I’m a professional.  


5. When caring for young infants, there are a lot of health & safety items to consider.  What health & safety item is at the top of your mind?

Breast milk- we may have up to 8 children on breast milk at one time.  Breast milk is a bodily fluid.  I don't ever want to tell a parent that, "you need to have tests done because I let your child drink from another child's bottle." 


It takes a village to raise a child. Thanks Stacy for being a part of “the village”.


Alisha Schaeffer

Stacy, i know i appreciated all your hard work when Memphis was in your room as an infant. You are great at your job and still to this day are. Keep up the great work, parents really do appreciate knowing their babes were in good hands when in your room!

Connie Peters

I am always amazed at your skill and knowledge! You are really special!!!

Connie Peters

I am always amazed at your skill and knowledge! You are really special!!!

Pamela Appel

Stacy, I know you are a PROFESSIONAL to the very essence of the word. You are dedicated to each of the kids in your room as if they were your own. I have seen you at work and I know. Keep up the wonderful work you do and your great smile!! Pam Appel (former Toddler teacher)

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